Pet Paw Care Cream Natural Healthy Pet Foot Protection Oil Pet Foot Care Cream Antifreeze Cracking Care Products For Cats Dogs

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Pet paw cream, pet foot care cream, sole and foot pad protection oil
1. The pet paw care cream can protect pet's dry, rough and cracked feet from heat, cold, sand, salt and snow. Provide gentle, effective, natural and holistic care for your pet's paw suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions. This natural paw balm is specially used to treat rough, cracked, dry dog paw pads.
2. All Natural and Organic Ingredients: Paw soothing lip balm, which can moisturize and support the dog's paws with various butter and grease. Also suitable for dry nose and rough elbows.
3. Our paw balm is designed to relieve cracked and cracked paws and noses, while preventing rough surfaces and bad weather in summer, winter or any other season.
4. Just open the lid, rotate it from bottom to top, and let our therapeutic cream slide directly on the dog's paw. Put your paw directly into the paw nipple moisturizer, or apply a thin layer between the pad and toe! No need to shave. After going out, be sure to wipe the dog's paws.
5. Health Care, Prevention and Protection: The soothing the oil of the scalp can effectively moisturize the pet's nose, paws, elbows, wrinkles or other problem areas, and make the skin smooth. Dry skin can make your dog's nose or foot area uncomfortable, unsightly and unsafe. Quickly soothe problem areas and protect the skin. Wipe daily for maintenance.

Size: about 10.5*2.7cm/4.13*1.06inch
Weight: about 33g
Material: sunflower oil, coconut oil, white beeswax, vegetable oil, shea butter, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, vitamin E and aloe 

Packing List:
Pet Paw Care Cream*1

1. Due to the problems of lighting effects and shooting angles, there will be certain tolerances in the product, please understand.

2. Due to manual measurement, the product has some size tolerance.

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1.【Non-Stimulating Ingredient】Selected material, the Paw Balm Dogs is gentle, soft, and non-stimulating and made of sunflower oil, coconut oil, white beeswax, and other good quality ingredients.

2.【Relieves Dry Paws】Dog Paw Balm is an effective pet supply, which can relieve cracked and cracked paws, noses and elbows of animals while nourishing rough and dry skin.

3.【Easy To Carry】Dog Balm for Paws and Nose is convenient to carry because the ointment has a small size. You can keep it in your carry-on bag, ready to treat your pet anytime.

4.【Convenient To Use】Just open the lid of the Dog Nose Balm, rotate it from bottom to top, and let our healing balm slide directly on the dog's paw. It is convenient to use.

5.【Multi Function】Paw Balm for Dogs, having multifunction, can be used for applying to the paws, claws, noses, or feet of cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, and pets.


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