PERKEO Cat Toys, Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, Smart Interactive Kitten Toy, Automatic 7 Holes Mice Whack-A-Mole




Price: 44.82 - 44.82

PERKEO Whack-A-Mole Cat Toy – Best Gift for Cats

INKZOO Smart Self-Play Cat Toys Make Max Interactive and Enjoyment to Cats

The smart feather randomly hides and seeks from 7 holes at the top and 3 sides. Stimulating the cat's instincts to play, ambush, hunt, pounce, and exercise.The feather rotates inside of the toy, Randomly Pop out from one of the 7 holes like a puzzle needs cat to decide where is feather out, Cat needs to focus their mind, and power to do their best to grasp the feather before the feather hides in the hole.

OrangeWhiteBlueThe biggest advantage of interactive cat toys

Smart Sensor Avtivation

Programmed 5 mins automatic standby function. design in Always-On smart distance sensor detects cat within 5 inches in front of sensor window, wake up feather automatically randomly moving 5mins more.

Replace feather Easily

Easy to replace upgrade durable colorful Feather. We offer 4pcs upgrade 3 times durable color feather for replacement. let cats pounce, bite feathers longer, and enjoy more.

Type-C Charging Port

Inside rechargeable battery could support cats play for about 0.5 hours/day X 7 days. It will be great save users money to buy an extra battery for cats' daily play. Red Led on indicated Charging, LED off fully charged.

Irregular Movements

The colorful feather randomly pops out with the help of AI and hides within those 7 holes. Unpredictable movements of the shooting feather hold the cat's interest for a long time.

Just go about your business, I'm obsessed with INKZOO cat toy!Suggestion:

Most cats are so clever like child. For keep cats long term interesting playing toy, suggest offer cat play one kind of cat toy about 0.5-1 hour each time.

If cat play Whack-A-Mole cat toys hours in a day, then change different toys next days.


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