Invisible Wireless Electric Dog Fence System Outdoor Dog Training Remote Control Beep Dog Shock Collar Electric Pet Fence

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You know from keeping pets that keeping a dog in a crate for a long time can easily cause psychological problems, and physical health problems, especially bones. But with a fence, the dog is relatively dishonest and likely to break out of jail! And the dog If chewed plastic fence may cause food poisoning. Here we recommend the new pet electronic fence. Invisible, give the dog enough free space.

 Product description
1 — The pet electronic fence is an invisible, electronic fence for dogs that does not take up space. Through the magnetic field induction technology, you can set your dog in a square kilometer range (this range is adjustable) of any location can not approach the area, but also can effectively ensure that your dog can not randomly out of the square kilometer range

2— Pet electronic fence, the transmitter has a sensitivity adjustment device, you can arbitrarily adjust the size of the area you set can not let your dog close to. If your dog does not listen to the sound warning, still close to the area you set can not approach, then the receiver set on your dog’s neck will briefly shock it until it turns back and leaves. After a few cycles of this, your dog will understand that when he hears the warning sound, the area in front of him is off limits. Thus, an invisible, effective fence is formed relative to your dog.

1, invisible environmental protection – the wire is buried in the ground, does not occupy the place, does not affect the appearance, give the dog more freedom.

2,Progressive tone stimulation – When the dog approaches the boundary, a warning sound will be made first. If the approach continues, the system will emit a slight shock.

3,Pulse proportional stimulation – humane high-tech design, the vibration intensity depends on the distance the dog is close to the boundary line, the closer the dog is to the boundary line, the greater the vibration intensity.

4, built-in speed detector – the faster the dog moves, the higher the level of intensity issued.

5, wide range of control can adjust the size of the transmitter knob, easy to operate

6,The buried wire is damaged, the wire damage indicator will send out a loud warning and flashing light.




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