Hiena HYN-008 Electric Hair Clipper Professional Hair Cutting Machine Hair Trimmer Cordless USB Rechargeable Men Beard Shaver

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• Up to 2 hours battery charging time :No need to worry about running out of battery, the Hiena HYN-008 Electric Hair Clipper can be charged up to 2 hours for continuous use.

• Rotary motor type :The rotary motor type ensures a smooth and efficient cutting experience, making it easier to achieve the desired hairstyle.

• CE certification :The Hiena HYN-008 Electric Hair Clipper is certified by CE, ensuring that it meets the safety and quality standards set by the European Union.

• Charging indication function :The charging indication function allows you to know when it’s time to charge the device, so you can always be prepared for your next use.


1. The product is transported by air and cannot carry liquids, so the product does not contain lubricating oil.

2. When the product is photographed under different lights, the product will have an error of 0.1mm-0.5mm.

3. The product is a lithium battery (18650 series) product. The battery is damaged during transportation. The battery needs to be fully charged before using the product.

Product warranty matters:

1. The hair clipper needs to be charged for more than twelve hours when used for the first time. It only needs to be charged for two or three hours when used in the future.

2. After cutting your hair, remove the cutter head, use the small brush that comes with it to sweep away the dandruff along the direction of the blade, and then clean the cutter head with water. Be sure to dry it after cleaning to prevent rust.

3. After the cutter head is completely dry, apply a few drops of lubricating oil on the blade. The cutter head needs to be replaced regularly.

4. Use a small brush to clean the broken hair on the motor head of the fuselage. Do not flush the motor head with water to prevent water from entering the fuselage.

5. Do not use acidic substances to clean the fuselage. It is best to wipe the fuselage with neutral lotion.

6. In order to maintain the service life of the battery, it must be fully charged before putting it away. Under normal use, it must be discharged and recharged after a period of time.

7. If it is not used for a long time, it needs to be charged every once in a while.

product description:

Brand model: HYN-008

Battery: 1200mah

Charging time: 120min

Usage time: 90min

Product weight: 203g


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