Cat Toys Interactive Funny Cat Feather Wand Suction Cup Ball Feathers Replacements with Bells for Indoor Cats Kitten Exercise

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• Latest Cat Stick Wand Interactive Cat Toys ! ! !
• Safe Material:Feather toys for cats, natural feathers are made of safe and non-toxic dyes.
• Dual-use mode :The high-interest cat funny cat stick is composed of feather + steel wire + chassis,They can be assembled together or used separately.
• The base of the toy is designed with a powerful suction cup base,and the bottom can bear a weight of 6 kg .
• When the pet cat is playing, the toy can swing back and forth freely, but will not move at will, so as to protect the safety of the cats.
• Perfect Interactive Cat Toy,This cat toys wand suitable for all kittens and cats of all ages.

• Handheld model: You can hold the cat stick to interact with your cat.
• Suction cup type: You can fix it on the floor or wall, and the cat will play with it. You can separate the stick from the base, hold it and play with the cat.


• Name:cat stick cat toy
• Material: Feather, Hardware Accessories, Steel Wire, Pvc Rod, Suction Cup;
• Length:Approx. Steel Wire 73cm, Rod length:12cm,Sucker Height 4.5cm, Sucker Base 6.8cm,Replacement Feather Heads:13cm.
• Suitable Pet Type: Cat


• The suction cup of the base will stick more firmly if it is slightly stained with water.
• The cat stick can be adsorbed on smooth and clean surfaces, such as: Floors, Wooden doors,Fridge doors, Glass doors, Mirrors, tile surfaces and other glossy places; The place cannot be absorbed by non-mirror surfaces such as Carpets, Wall clothes, etc.
• Intended for pets only, not a children toy.

Instruction steps

1.Remove the protective film of the suction cup.hang the feather repla-cement head.
2.Screw the screw into the suction cup,press the button down to se-cure the suction cup
3.Remove the cover and insert the suction cup.

Uninstallation steps

1.Press down on the blue gasket,take out the funny cat rod,and close the lid
2.Grasp the handle and lift it up
3.Clean the suction cup to restore the stickiness

Pvc Rod+Steel Wire

Steel Wire+Pvc Rod+Suction Cup

Feather Ball Head


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