Cat Litter Mat EVA Double Layer Cat Litter Mat Cat Litter Basin Sand Falling Mat Eva Cat Litter Mat Cat Nest Mat Pet Mat

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Product function: applicable to more than 95% types of cat litter, the upper layer through-hole material, cat litter can pass easily, the lower layer waterproof material, cat litter, urine and other dirt can gather here. The cat litter pad is designed with upper and lower layers: the upper layer adopts hexagonal hole concave-convex design. In addition to letting the cat litter fall into it, the smooth touch of the round ball type can also prevent the cat from scratching, the lower cushion seal is specially used to store cat litter, and the bottom is designed as a regular round hole, which can effectively prevent anti-skid and prevent the cat from sliding to injury.

The front and back sides adopt opening design, which can easily pour out the cat litter. It is not troublesome at all, and it will not be in a hurry. What is better is to reuse the cat litter and save money while cleaning.

The material is a selection of EVA materials with high elasticity. EVA is soft, washable and not stuffy. It is suitable for cats who like soft touch. There is an error of ± 2cm in manual measurement.

Color, style, size can be customized, if necessary, please contact Customer Service 17675443767

box gauge:

size box gauge packing quantity gram weight

30*30 42.* 62.* 51 70 160

30*45 42.* 62.* 51 50 190

40*50 42.* 62.* 51 30 375

40*60 42.* 62.* 51 30 425

45*60 42.* 62.* 51 30 470

55*75 56*76*35 25 630

if you need to add Velcro, handle, washing label, folding to change cushion thickness and other accessories, please communicate with customer service for customization.! The link price is designed with three sides of sewing and one side of opening! Bare thickness 14mm if you need packaging, please communicate!


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