Cartoon Pet Cat Toy Stick Feather Rod Mouse Toy With Mini Bell Cat Catcher Teaser Interactive Cat Toy

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Price: 13.05 - 6.14

• Interactive Cartoon Design :The interactive cartoon design of this pet cat toy stick feather Rod mouse toy is engaging and fun, keeping your cat entertained for hours.

• Mini Bell Feature :Equipped with a mini bell, this toy not only teases and attracts your cat but also aids in hearing its location, adding an extra layer of fun and safety.

• Sisal Material :Made from durable sisal material, this toy is designed to withstand the playfulness of cats, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.

• Cat Catcher Teaser :This toy serves as a cat catcher teaser, encouraging your pet to run, jump, and play, promoting physical activity and mental stimulation.

• Origin : Mainland China

• Mouse & Animal Toy :As a mouse and animal toy, it appeals to your cat’s natural instincts, making playtime more enjoyable and engaging.


1. Function: The owner can use the cat toy to interact with the cat at any time to enhance the relationship. This toy allows cats to increase their physical activity and keep them healthy.

2. Application Scenario: A perfect gift for cat lovers, this cat toy is fun, durable and long-lasting, helping keep cats happy and healthy while enhancing the bond between owner and cat.

Color: as shown

Material: plastics + feather

Weight:9g(about 5g error)

Size:as picture

Package Includes: Cat toy*1pc

Attention: Due to different computer display colors, the actual color may be slightly different from the above pictures, thank you for your understanding.


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