All Metal Pet Electric Hair Clipper For Dogs And Dogs, Cat And Teddy Special Hair Clipper For Cats And Dogs

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• All-metal construction for durability :Made of sturdy metal, this hair clipper is built to last and withstand heavy use.

• Suitable for dogs, cats, and teddy bears :This hair clipper is perfect for pet owners with multiple furry friends, as it can be used on dogs, cats, and even teddy bears.

• Three-hour charging time for convenience :With a three-hour charging time, this hair clipper can be used for extended periods without needing to be recharged.

• CE certified for safety :This hair clipper is certified by CE, ensuring that it meets safety standards and can be used with peace of mind.


1. Pet dog shaver, cat electric clipper, high-power electric clipper, and a large dog god tool specially designed for pet shops. It can quickly shave and save time and effort. When you have a cute pet dog or cat, you will find that shaving them is a very important thing. Long haired pets are prone to accumulating dust and bacteria, and are prone to overheating in summer. However, shaving is often a time-consuming and laborious task. Now, with the pet dog shaver, cat electric hair clipper, high-power electric hair clipper, and a large dog god tool specifically designed for pet shops, you can easily solve this problem. This shaver features a high-power electric pusher design, which can quickly and effectively shave the hair off pets. Whether your pet is a large dog or a small cat, it can easily handle it. Its design is specifically designed for pet shops, so its quality is very reliable and suitable for long-term use.

2. The pet dog shaver, cat electric clipper, high-power electric clipper, and large dog god tool for pet shops are very practical tools. It can not only shave hair quickly, but also save time and effort. Whether you are the owner of a pet shop or a pet enthusiast, it is worth owning such a artifact. Let’s contribute together to the health and comfort of pets!

3. Pet dog shaver, cat electric hair clipper, high-power electric hair clipper, specialized for pet shops, large dog god tool, suitable for various pets, one machine for multiple purposes. This pet shaver is a must-have tool for pet shops, suitable not only for dogs but also for shaving cats. It adopts a high-power electric thruster design, with excellent shaving effect

4.Whether it’s a long haired dog or a short haired cat, they can easily shave to maintain a neat appearance. This shaver is not only suitable for domestic pets, but also very suitable for use in pet shops. Pet shops usually need to handle a large amount of pet hair, and traditional shaving tools are often inefficient and can easily damage the pet’s skin. And this high-power electric clipper can quickly and safely shave hair, greatly improving work efficiency. In addition to shaving function, this shaver also has multiple functions. It can adjust the length of shaving according to the needs of different pets, in order to meet the needs of different pets.


Power supply mode: dual-purpose charging/power supply

Cleaning method: Cleaning brush cleaning

Target audience: General

Specification: LCD C99-USB 8-limit comb

Blade material: Stainless steel

Shell process: stainless steel+aluminum alloy

Range: 1-3h (inclusive)

Is it suitable for pets: Yes

Built in battery capacity: 1200mAh to 2000mAh (inclusive)

Built in battery: Built in battery

Noise: 46-70dB

Color: Silver

Package included:1 * Electric push shear

1 * Brush

1 * Lubricating oil

1 * Charger

8 * Limit comb


1. When using a pet electric clipper, ensure that the power supply of the pet electric clipper is well grounded to prevent electric shock. Avoid placing the scissor heads of the electric scissors near the eyes, ears, and other sensitive parts of pets to prevent injury.

To make pets feel comfortable and quiet, choose a quiet environment for trimming. You can turn off noise interference such as TV and music to reduce the stress and anxiety of pets.

3. Choose the appropriate trimming length based on the pet’s breed, hair type, and trimming needs. Trimming too long or too short may have an impact on the appearance and comfort of pets. During the trimming process, hair will accumulate on the cutting head of the electric clipper, affecting the trimming effect. Therefore, regular cleaning of the cutting head is necessary, and residual hair can be removed using a brush or cotton swab.

4. Before trimming, carefully check the pet’s skin for any wounds, skin problems, or clumps. If there are any abnormalities, electric scissors should be avoided to avoid exacerbating pet problems.


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