5M/3M LED Flashlight Pet Leash Retractable Lighted Night Outdoor Walking Non-Slip Handle Dog Supplies

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• Retractable design for easy storage :The retractable design of this leash makes it easy to store and carry around, making it perfect for outdoor activities.

• LED flashlight for added safety :The built-in LED flashlight provides added safety during night walks, ensuring that you and your pet are visible to others.

• Non-slip handle for better grip :The non-slip handle of this leash provides a better grip, making it easier to control your pet during walks.

• Suitable for dogs of all sizes :This leash is suitable for dogs of all sizes, making it a versatile option for pet owners.

Product Description


1. light touch glow, spotlight illumination. Combined with LED flashlight, 100lm lamp bead brightness, 5m irradiation distance, you can see the road clearly at night outdoor walking.

2. double side RGB flow light ring, automatic breathing light change, rich color, light and light ring can be adjusted according to demand.

3. 5 meters rope length free retraction, control freely, a key lock, storm sprint, do not have to worry about the dog running away.

4. High-density weaving is reliable and wear-resistant, high pressure resistance, long service life. High-precision spindle, 60,000 times rebound.

5. soft rubber curved handle is made of TPE soft rubber, fit grip.


Scope of application: cats, dogs.

Product rope length: 3 m, 5 m

Product material: ABS

Specifications: retractable

Package size: 20*11.7*6 cm (3 m length models)

21.5*12.5*6cm (5 m length model)

Color: Purple Orange Green


1. Use two 7 batteries, then you can turn on the light mode.

2. 1 touch to turn on the lighting, 2 touch lighting off and light ring on, 3 touch lighting and light ring on at the same time, 4 touch to turn off the light ring and lighting.

3. Carry it around your pet’s neck, the length of the leash can be controlled by the button.


-Choose the appropriate length according to the size of your pet.

-Correct connection, regular inspection and maintenance.

-Please allow 1-5cm errors to the actual dimension due tomanual measurement! Thank you !

-Real color may slightly different from pictures due tocomputer screen’s resolution, brightness, contrast etc.


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